hello there. my name’s alyssa, and this is my blog. here, you’ll find my thoughts, as jumbled and authentic as they get. i’ve always loved to write. writing enables me to speak power while organizing everything inside my head. i am a lover of clouds, quality time, pineapples, new life, green tea, children with special needs, abraham lincoln, hammocks, music, and neat-ure. you can check out the extent of my social life below:

snapchat: alyssaaaajoy





honestly, i’m just a human. i get it wrong a lot, and i mess up on the daily. my hope is for you to hear god’s voice through the flawed paragraphs filling your screen. i hope you gain new perspectives and are inspired to do bold things. through it all, i hope to point you to jesus. he is so, so, so good, and my passion inside of me to lead others to him.

life is pretty crazy, so let’s do it together. feel free to reach out, whether it be through comments or contacting me directly. i would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and prayers. thank you for stepping alongside me in this beautifully unpredictable journey. enjoy your stay, fam.


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