Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance

I was at church for Easter on Sunday, and I couldn’t help but smile as I watched a four-year-old child dance in the aisle as music played. He was jumping up and down, turning in circles, raising his arms, and smiling while doing so. Around me, people began to nudge each other and break into a smile when they saw his energy; it was infectious.

I see his reaction to Jesus’ resurrection, and I wonder why it is not also mine.

I think we all ought to dance a little more often. I think we need to celebrate new life with a little more passion. I think we need to express our gratitude with a little more abandonment.

I think it would be a beautiful experience to walk into a church and see a congregation dancing, raising their arms, and singing loudly. I want to see joy. I want to see surrender. I want to see new. I want to see Jesus be celebrated.

Easter is a great celebration. This life is a glorious celebration. Each new day, each new opportunity, each new breath is a divine celebration.

So let’s dance it out.


Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance

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