A Letter to My Beloved

You, you who are reading this, you are “My Beloved.” This is a message from the one who calls you beloved, worthy, chosen, holy, and redeemed.

My Beloved, you may not know me, but I know every intricate detail about you. I know your thoughts, your desires, your fears, your plans, your struggles, your pride, your everything. You are My Beloved, and I am your Abba. This means I am your Father. And unlike your father here on earth, I am a perfect Father. I am the perfect Father, and you are My Beloved.

My Beloved, I want you to know how much I love you. Before you walked this earth, I sacrificed my only, precious, oh so beloved son in exchange for your life. He was perfect. Absolutely perfect. He walked this earth and spread the good news of my love and my promise to give you new life. I allowed Him to die in order to enable you to live. It was an awful, painful, humiliating death. He was beaten and whipped, hung naked on a cross, mocked by everyone who gathered. His body was broken for yours. He endured this pain so you wouldn’t have to. This is how much I love you. I have given my only son in exchange for your life. I promise to give nations in exchange for you. Oh, My Beloved, I hope you can begin to understand how much I treasure you.

My Beloved, I now give you opportunity for new life. This new life is sweet. It is good. It is the best life possible. I don’t mean it will be easy all the time. But, I promise you I will be with you when it isn’t easy.

Oh, My Beloved, if only you could realize I am here. I am here, and I am here to cover you. I cover your weakness with my strength. I cover your loneliness with my presence. I cover your fear with my power. I cover your shortcomings with my perfect nature. I cover you with everlasting love; I sing over you while you sleep. I delight in you.

My Beloved, why can’t you see me?

Here I am. I am in the clouds, I am in the breeze. I am in the sparkling snow, the panting dog, the breathtaking sunset. Here I am, in the chaos of life. I am in the little things. I refresh you with storms and water overflowing. I show myself through the bright colors on fall days.

My Beloved, I created you. I created you fearfully and wonderfully; I created you in my image. I created your gifts, your personality, your passions. I knit you together in your mother’s womb. You are enough simply because you are mine.

My Beloved, I am the source of life. I give you breath; I sustain you. I uphold you. As you pass through deep waters, I will not let you sink. I will be with you. You will not be overwhelmed. When you pass through the fire, you will not be consumed. I will protect you.

My Beloved, you are mine. I long for you. I made you beautifully, and I want nothing more to be invited into your life. My arms are open. I am patient, and I long for you to run to me.

My Beloved, I want you to seek me on your worst days. I want you to feel my perfect presence when you feel alone and afraid. I want to comfort you as you cry. I want to bless you with simple joys. I want you to trust me. I want to be your number one. I want you to believe I am greater.

My Beloved, I am greater. You prioritize so many things; you constantly juggle more than you can hold. You listen to everyone else around you as they realize they are drowning in this world. You overload yourself with classes at school. You focus on the appearance you create online. You seek after romantic love, unsatisfied with your relationship status. Oh, you seek after all the wrong things. You seek material objects, control, stability, perfection. You strive to fit the expectations society give you. Oh, My Beloved, why do you waste your time?

Oh, My Beloved, can’t you see? Here I am! I am greater than everything you seek. I am in control. I have a great plan for you. I give you love overflowing. Seek me with your whole heart, and I have promised to give you what you desire. My Beloved, I want you to desire me first. I want you to desire me first and trust that I am enough to satisfy all your other desires.

My precious and worthy child, I expectedly await for you to seek me. My Beloved, come to me as you are. Come broken, weary, and hurt. Come from wherever you have been. Come to me with everything you carry. Come to me. Then,

Lay down your burdens.

Lay down your fears.

Lay down your doubts.

Lay down your shame.

Lay down your pride.

Lay down your need for control.

Lay down your expectations.

Lay down your tears.

Lay down your past.

Lay down your regrets, your mistakes.

Lay down your worldly desires.

Then lay down, and rest. Rest in my perfect presence. In my presence, you will find peace. You will find joy and delight. You will find me. I am a God of love, and My Beloved, I adore you. I cover you with mercy and grace. I will give you hope. I will give you a future. I want to redeem you and make you new. I want to give you new life.

My Beloved, lift up your face. Taste and see that I am good.

I am good when you are faced with tough decisions. I am good when you are in the middle of heartbreak. I am good when you feel alone. I am good when you are barely hanging on. I am good when life is going well. I am good when you are overwhelmed. I am good when you are anxious and depressed. I am good when you want to give up. Through it all, I am still good.

Like a shepherd watches over his sheep, My Beloved, I will watch over you. I will take care of you. I will lead you back to me. I will restore you.

My Beloved, I love you. And I will always long for you. I long to be your Abba, your perfect Daddy. Oh, how I love you. Run to me child, run hard.


your perfect Abba Father, your Daddy God.

A Letter to My Beloved

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